19 Kids and Counting: All About Jill

By Ashley Thompson   Jill’s birthday is May 17, 1991 (February is the only month which there are no Duggar birthdays) and the first all-natural childbirth for Michelle Duggar. She is described by…1413950400
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Dancing With the Stars: Pitbull’s Favorite Songs

  By Ashley Thompson   Tonight the dancers are dancing to Pit Bull’s hits and favorite songs. He is also the guest performer and guest judge. Guest host tonight is Season 17′s Leah Remini……1413950400
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Tethered: Mini Vampires and a White Flag

By Ashley Thompson What really sets this survivalist show apart from the others is the pairings they make. In this episode they have paired Rob, and environmental activist who biked barefoot from San…1413864000
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Zach Galifianakis Totally Rubs Brad Pitt The Wrong Way Between Two Ferns! Watch The Most Awkward And Epic Conversation Go Down HERE!

Brad Pitt might be one of the greatest guests on Between Two Ferns, yet!

The Fury star stopped by to chat with Zach Galifianakis and HIGHlarity ensued, obviously!

Aside from getting Brad’s name completely wrong, there was a special appearance from Louis C.K. because, who else are you going to bring in when interviews start getting awkward?

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To make matters worse, Zach started asking Brad about his relationship with Angelina Jolie and asked the actor to compare it to when Ross and Rachel first kissed.

Ross and Rachel!! The audacity! LOLz!

See how Brad reacted to the whole thing (below)!

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Brad Pitt from Zach Galifianakis
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Kristen Stewart Is Taking A Break From Acting, But It’s What She Plans To Do With Her Time That Might Surprise You!

Kristen Stewart is taking a break from acting.

Because if you think about it, she’s long overdue for a break!

Gurlfriend has done SEVEN different films in the last two years alone!

That’s pretty much workaholic status!

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Despite working so much, over, the Twilight actress still finds herself in a current state of incredible happiness and she’s planning to take an exciting break from it all!

So, what’s she gonna do on her break?

She explained:

“I’m really happy right now, overly happy… I feel great. I’m not overcoming fear right now… I’m taking some time off because I’ve been working for two years. I’m an actor and that’s my art form, and because I started that so young, I’ve always felt intimidated and insufficient when I think about other forms of art I want to create.

I’m going to take so much time off. I’m going to buy a live-work space in downtown LA and I’m going to make some [stuff] with my hands. Literally, I made that decision a few weeks ago. I’m making a short film. I’m making a bunch of (stuff). I don’t know how I’ll put it out. But I’m not going to hold it so preciously close to me. I write all the time.”

Honestly, that sounds like an productive break to us!

We thought she’d ship off to an island and lay on the beach for a month or something!

That sounds like an ideal break to us! LOL!

To each their own, we guess! Enjoy the time off, gurl!

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Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian The Best Birthday Present By Taking Her On A Surprise Getaway!

Does life get any better for Kim Kardashian?!

Judging by this surprise getaway, it does and it did.

Not only did Kanye West confess his undying love for the mother of his child for the world to see, he also whisked her away to the perfect place for her birthday!

Where in the world do you take a person who’s been everywhere, you ask? To Hawaii, of course!

[ Photos: How The Kardashians & Jenners Spent Their Summer Vacation -- In Pictures! ]

In the wee hours of the morning after her day of birth, Kim shared a photo of the beautiful Hawaii sunrise on Instagram:

Good morning #BdaySurpriseGettaway

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:20am PDT

According to an insider, they spotted the couple enjoying breakfast with each other at their hotel to celebrate Kim’s birthday on Monday!

Such a wonderful gift and surprise from her loving hubby!

We know it’s a year away, but this makes us wonder how he’s going to top it next year! LOLz!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Melissa Rivers Plans To Sue Over Joan Rivers’ Death Because She Wants The Answers She Deserves

We hope Melissa Rivers can get to the bottom of all this.

After losing her mother, Joan Rivers, during a surgery that somehow went wrong, Melissa is still waiting for answers about what happened.

While it was ruled that Joan passed from a lack of oxygen, Melissa understandably wants to know what happened in the operating room to cause all this.

[ Photos: Joan Rivers Through The Years ]

Now, she will reportedly file a lawsuit in order to get the truth.

Melissa plans to sue the medical center and the doctors in order to get to the root of the problem. She feels like she has been shut down after the New York Dept. of Health and Human Services found Yorkville Endoscopy LLC to be “deficient.”

She believes both the facility and Dept. of Health know what went wrong, but aren’t informing her of the exact cause.

With a lawsuit, both staff and doctors will be forced to sit down and take depositions where they will have to answer questions about the day Joan stopped breathing.

This will surely be a difficult time for Melissa and her family, but hopefully it helps to give some closure.

[Image via WENN.]

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Peter Jackson & Elijah Wood Team Up Again For ‘The Most Epic Airplane Safety Video Ever Made!’ Lord Of The Rings Fans MUST Watch HERE!

When you title your vid “The most epic air safety video ever made,” you better have the visuals to back it up.

And thanks to Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, this one DEFINITELY does!

[ Video: If You Didn't Think The The Hobbit Could Get Any More EPIC, Just Check Out The First Trailer For The Battle Of The Five Armies! ]

The Hobbit director re-teamed with Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood to make the official safety video for Air New Zealand which, thanks to Sir Peter, really does fly you to Middle Earth!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see what it means to follow proper safety precautions on a magic freakin’ eagle! Epic indeed!

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Track Listing Has Arrived!!!!!

And it reads like poetry! HA!

Taylor Swift‘s 1989 is almost here and we’re totally shaking in anticipation!

But before the album arrives on October 27, Swifty has made the wait even more excruciating (but kind of great) with a track listing.

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Here’s what we know: There will be 13 songs.

Based on titles like This Love, Style and Bad Blood, we are guessing it will be a nice mix of bad ass dance anthems and songs about a love lost.

We hate to speculate (not really), but Style HAS GOT to be about Harry Styles. Right??!

Ch-ch-check out the entire list (below)!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Canadian Parliament Shooting – Everything We Know So Far

So horrible. Wednesday brought with it the second fatal attack on soldiers on Canadian soil this week.

Here’s everything we know.

A Canadian citizen named Michael Joseph Hall, who had changed his name to Michael Zehaf-Bibeau when he converted to Islam, tried to leave the country but had his passport confiscated.

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In the second attack of its type this week (on Monday another disgruntled man whose passport was taken killed a soldier with his car), Zehaf-Bibeau went to the National War Memorial in Ottawa and shot soldier Nathan Cirillo in the back.

A few minutes later, Zehaf-Bibeau opened fire in the Parliament building, and was shot and killed by officers protecting the building.

Due to the shooter’s death, his motives for the attack remain unclear.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had this to say about the horrific events:

“In the days to come, we will learn more about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had, but this week’s events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere in the world.”

Our hearts go out to our Northern neighbors, and to the family of Officer Cirillo.

[Image via AP Images.]

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