Time for a Face Off facelift, but please keep Lois Burwell

Face Off's judges

Face Off ended its seventh season last night, and the finale had hints of next season’s twist: three past winners returned to work with the finalists. Alas, that didn’t work, at least not as television; there was no real reason for them to be there, and their contributions mostly faded away. I hope the coach twist… read more »
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Best Shark Tank strategy: “We’re going to pass on that question”

Guillermo and Jimmy Kimmel pitch the sharks.

Last week’s Shark Tank ended with the start of a pitch from Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo for their horse pants business/concept. The conclusion aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, and it ended up being a funny stunt rather than just annoying cross-promotion because their pitch mocked other bad pitches. Actually, their… read more »
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Brandi Glanville Played Word Association With Some Real Housewives On Steve Harvey — But What Did She Call Kyle Richards!?

The drama’s starting early for the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Never one to be shy with her words, Brandi Glanville stopped by Steve Harvey‘s talk show on Thursday to give some gossip about her love life and to promote her new book, Drinking and Dating.

But before she could even plug anything of her own, Steve asked her to play a little game of word association where he’d say a Housewife’s name, and Brandi would say the first thing that came to her head.

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Naturally, Kyle Richards was the first target, and Brandi responded with a very nonchalant, ‘two-faced!’


Other Housewives that were featured in the game included Teresa Giudice, Lisa Vanderpump, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Phaedra Parks, and Vicki Gunvalson.

While Kyle clearly got the worst of Brandi’s sass, some of the others weren’t so lucky either!

Ch-ch-check out Brandi’s honest answers (above)!!!

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Seth Rogen Will Play The Steve Wozniak To Christian Bale’s Steve Jobs In Sony’s Biopic!

This update is going to make you want to restart!

Seth Rogen is all set to star in Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic as Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, according to sources.

[ Photos: 10 Inspirations From The Past For The Apple Watch! ]

With Christian Bale starring as Mr. Jobs, this movie just keeps on getting better. It’s like recieving-a-new-operating-system level of better.

Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain is being considered for an unspecified role. Maybe Siri? Just kidding, that’s ridiculous.

The movie, written by Aaron Sorkin and to be directed by Danny Boyle, will be comprised of three extended scenes focusing on the backstage drama before three different product launches.

Well, we’re pumped for Seth! This could be his big dramatic break.

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Miley Cyrus Gets A Trippy Flaming Lips-Related Tattoo! See The New Ink HERE!

By the time she’s 40, Miley Cyrus may be covered head to toe in tattoos, Memento-style!

In her latest inking, Miley got a Flaming Lips-inspired tat on Wednesday — and guess who joined in her solidarity…

Oh, just the frontman for the band and Mileybird’s BFF, Wayne Coyne.

[ Photos: A Guide To Miley Cyrus' Growing Tattoo Collection! ]

The tat was from the cover of their album turned musical, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots — which prominently featured a huge orange cyborg creature.

The singer and her rocker pal got an adorable outline of the figure on their forearm, and the rest is history!

Her body is a canvas at this point, so we can’t help but appreciate the fresh friend art!

[Image via Instagram.]

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SNL’s Michael Che Makes Controversial Comment About Viral Catcalling Video

This is not cool.

[ Photos: Celebs Who've Quit Twitter! ]

We reported earlier how one woman managed to record on video the numerous catcallers that harassed her as she walked the streets of New York.

Instead of being upset at the fact that street harassment is still a big problem for women in today’s society, SNL‘s newly appointed Weekend Update anchor Michael Che decided to make light of this serious issue on social media.

Here’s the controversial Facebook post in question:

Wow, way to make it all about your own “fame” and demean the actual issue at hand.

He later gave a non-apology for his remarks:

He also tried to explain that this all was just a big misunderstanding! Of course, the misunderstanding was on the part of people upset with, according to Michael:

i think some of u are misunderstanding that post. im simply just making fun of something that is important to a lot of people.
— Michael Che (@CheThinks) October 29, 2014

We don’t think he was making fun of something that was important to people. He was trivializing it.

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Time To Celebrate! Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters Just Got A HUGE Raise To Stay On The Show!

Hopefully George R.R. Martin doesn’t kill anyone off…

Wait, who are we kidding? He’s probably going to kill everyone in the show! LOL!

Looks like the Game of Thrones gang will be returning to the show for seasons five, six, AND season seven — if it gets the green light!

[ Video: George R.R. Martin Might Not Know His Characters That Well! ]

Not only are they returning to the show ​if they don’t die gruesomely but they’re reportedly getting a HUGE raise from HBO for signing on for the option of future seasons!

How big?

Well, there are no exact numbers, but it turns out that the raises are so big it’s set to make the cast the highest paid on cable TV!

Among those who’ve signed on, the major players were Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with the more minor characters being Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams!

How exciting! Are YOU excited for this much GoT in the future??

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Leighton Meester Is Adorably Breathtaking In Her New Music Video! Watch Heartstrings HERE!

Not only does this Gossip Girl look beautiful — but she sounds FABOOSH too!!

Leighton Meester‘s music video for Heartstrings is finally here!

It’s so whimsical and fitting for the slow song…

Although we have to admit, it feels more like an ad for perfume than a music video!

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Either way, the whole thing is definitely visually appealing.

Who wouldn’t love to spend four minutes listening to great music and staring at Leighton’s face?!

Ch-ch-check out the music video for Heartstrings (above)!

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Tamar Braxton Bravely Opens Up About Her Vitiligo As The Real Hosts Discuss Their Biggest Insecurities! So Many Tears!

Things got pretty emotional on Thursday’s episode of The Real.

That’s because the talk show featured a segment where each co-host opened up about their biggest insecurities.

And of the bunch, Tamar Braxton‘s vulnerable moment really seemed to hit the hardest.

She’s spoken openly about her Vitiligo, a skin disease that messed with pigmentation, in the past — but it’s clear she’s still dealing with it today. In fact, it affects her so much, she was practically whispering her story to the other hosts.

[ Video: We Stopped By The Real To Chat About Beyoncé & Kimye! ]

But Tamar wasn’t the only person to deal with their pain on the show.

Loni Love started things off with a story about her intern days and how her superior’s completely unnecessary conversation with her is still on her mind.

She was followed by Jeannie Mai, whose own family made her question the decision to get into the entertainment industry. And why they did that is just crazy.

Tamera Mowry brought everyone to tears as she broke down when talking about her sister Tia and life as a twin…

And Adrienne Bailon finished off the segment talking about the battle between love and career.

We’re so glad the five ladies felt strong enough to share their stories, because it was a truly moving moment.

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (above)!!!

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