Brandi Glanville CUT From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Because Of LeAnn And Eddie?!

UGH! First they drop Camille and now THIS?!

What on Earth are these producers thinking?!

Although Brandi Glanville was set to become an official castmember of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for its upcoming third season, Bravo has reportedly pushed her back to recurring status because her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes, won’t allow her to put their children together on camera!

As a source explains:

“Bravo wanted her to have her kids on the show in order to expand story lines. But LeAnn and Eddie wouldn’t allow it. Brandi didn’t expect that LeAnn and Eddie would have objections since the kids have been on the show before, but they did. Eddie said they did not want the children on camera on a regular basis. So Bravo said that Brandi would have to stay ‘friend’ and not become an official ‘housewife.’”

While we could understand any parent having reservations about including their young children on a reality series, something tells us that there’s a little bit more to Eddie and LeAnn’s decision than they’re stating!

But seriously! What gives?!

A LOT of Housewives don’t allow their children on camera with them a majority of the time – WHY has this become such an issue for producers with Camille and Brandy?

These women are television GOLD, and by messing with an already-awesome line-up, we think that they are seriously playing with fire here!

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