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Steps on: How to create your own reality show
So you want to know how to create your own reality show? Today the world is deluged with a mega amount of shows that give content from the animal kingdom to sewing and making crafts on TV. The human equation does work for these shows. People love to see the grassroots of the inner workings of social interactions. The reason for this is that we all have something in common with these shows, turmoil happens in daily life.

Viewers love to see someone else with problems because it is something that they can relate to. So the advantage in knowing how to create your own reality show is that you are providing a source of entertainment that people will watch. Ordinary life can be more than ordinary with the right combination of people and environment.

There are many avenues and information on how to create your own reality show. The first is to come up with an idea that will make a good pitch. Many ideas are good, but they lack the ability to put their creation into context i. E. They are not feasible or are too complicated to produce. The best concept is one that will be able to give the viewer something that they can bond with and be spontaneous.

Some ideas may include putting several strangers into a house and letting the turmoil begin. This idea worked very well for MTV's Real World. Some others choose to be more outrageous such as COPS. The type of production can come from any angel depending on the social trends.

For the most part, any idea pertaining to some sort of social interaction that brings drama to the scene can be a real show getter. The key is finding the right mix between real life and putting an emphasis on to it. It you can find a certain social niche and give it a twist, then the outcome can be quite interesting.

Another important point that must be made when learning how to create your own reality show is that the type of equipment used is as important as the setting. The kind of camera and how one shoots the scenes plays an important part on how it is presented to the audience. The next step is how to distribute the content.

TV can be a process that is very large and chaotic as producers and executives make decisions on where a production should go. Creativity dances with the budget and a balance must be met while still keeping true to the idea. The challenge of getting one's TV idea produced and made visible by these channels can be very difficult if not impossible. With technology today, the digital age can advance forward an idea with little to no cost. With confidence and knowledge, one can learn how to create a reality show and to introduce it to the world.

The advantage comes from the internet and its ability to easily broadcast a message. Anyone these days can use the correct tools and computer technology to upload a video or any other type of content to a website. Websites such as provides such a service.

The days of waiting to be discovered are over as one can post their video ideas to this site and have it seen by a plethora of others. One doesn't need a studio or a large camera crew to know how to create your own reality show. All one needs is a good idea, the right equipment, and a website such as to make your reality show a reality.

Video Tips For Quality Reality Shows
There is no need to go out and buy expensive equipment if you wish to make your own television show. The last decade saw an abundance of hugely successful shows which can be recreated in your own home. If you wish to star in your very own reality show here are a few video tips you should know.

Firstly think about the equipment that you already have. Webcams can be good enough if they have reasonable pixel. They should not be relied upon for the entire shoot. This is because the range of the camera is limited. Integrated laptop web cameras may give you slightly more flexibility, but they are still not ideal.

The webcams are good for long range shots which can be effectively edited into the final cut. This will provide the viewers with a good idea of your location and help to identify with the reality situation. It is also great for group situations and scenarios which give you more freedom and stability rather than having to pan to each person.

There are many HD video cameras which are available for less than a hundred dollars. These are great little tools which offer a great picture with a small and versatile camera. You can use these stationary but it's more appealing for the reality show production when having it held in your hand.

This type of filming allows the spectators a chance to see the world through your eyes. You can have it focused in on you when you want to talk intimately about your experiences. It's also a good way to film others who are involved. Most are able to be mounted on tripods which is great for when your hands are busy or if you simply want to concentrate on other things.

You will need to spend some time measuring the rooms in which you wish to film. This will be treated as if it was a normal studio setting. It's important to consider lighting requirements and then decide the best places to set up your video recording equipment as well as the audio.
This process may take several hours if not days to work out, and you should be prepared to perform plenty of test runs before you can begin to film for real. Make sure that the web cams are aligned correctly and practice with the zoom. If you require a constant shot of the whole area then make sure the whole room can be viewed.

Thankfully one of the main appeals of reality shows is that they are believable. So if your editing and camera work seems a little unprofessional, then it might not harm the success of the show. In fact it might even enhance it.

Have a good plan in mind and spend the time to set up each type of shot that you may wish to use during the filming. This can help you to create a genuine capture rather than worrying about it when the cameras start rolling.

Editing tips for creating awesome reality shows
There are many important editing tips for creating an awesome reality show. Most of these techniques are relatively easy to learn if people are dedicated to understanding them. During the casting process it's important to make sure the personalities of the people involved are very dynamic.

People must figure out the goal of the show itself. Once someone understand the story that they are trying to tell the process of selecting the right footage is relatively easy. Usually people have to understand that controversy sells in this type of entertainment. The more outlandish a personality the easier it is to get viewers.

It's important to have human interest in every character that's going to be featured. Making sure the audience feels like they understand what motivates a person is very important. It's important to figure out which characters are the most controversial during the early stages.

The personality’s on the show plays a big role in the show’s success. Thinking about what will get people talking is one of the most important things anyone can do. The main goal is to make people connect with the personalities involved in the program.

Once this connection has been established most people will be very happy. This is because they can easily cause the ratings to grow for the program simply by focusing on popular characters. It’s usually a good idea to use a small segment of the program as ways to tease the public right before commercial breaks. Catching people right before commercial means they will be less likely to change the channel; when people change the channel it’s usually not in the best interest of the program overall.

Using background music to set the mood is also another great strategy. This is because people usually connect with music on an emotional level. This means that they have the ability to make decisions based on the things they have seen in the program previously. Sometimes having simple lyrics or instrumental music can help to place certain ideas in the mind of the people that are watching the program. Controlling the minds of people that are watching a program is a very powerful thing to do.

Usually people should consider focusing on people that are physically attractive. People are usually drawn into watching individuals that they are attracted to on some level. An interesting way to maximize the potential of the program is to do demographic research before production begins. This is helpful because the audience will tell the producers what they want before the program even starts.

It’s also important to have cliffhangers at the end of every program. Leaving people asking questions is one of the main goals of any television format. It should be easy to succeed if people use good editing tips for creating an awesome reality show. Learning how to do this is a very long process. This is because people usually have to understand their target audience prior to filming the program.

Lighting tips for quality reality shows
Reality shows present a special challenge to technicians and directors. Sound quality, brightness quality and image quality captured by cameras will all require a certain amount of inventive creativity to ensure the finished show can be seen and heard at an acceptable level by those who view the show on television. Here are some lighting tips for quality reality shows.

Lights in many ways create the atmosphere on a television show or film. Use of soft or full lights or even producing shadowy light, can change the mood of characters and plot. The technicians play an important role in ensuring that not only the mood’s consistent with the script but the light allows focus on the important detail in any screen shot.

Even though reality television is less scripted than prerecorded television, nonetheless, the lights must reflect what’s happening on the show at the time it’s being recorded. Light technicians must consider three aspects when considering how to brighten up a particular set. They must consider the color intensity, the quality and the color depth required in each scene.

Technicians use a variety of resources to create hard and soft light or ultra soft to assist the production of exactly the right type of setting for a scene. Light can be diffused by these resources to create different levels of its intensity.

Different lamps can produce different temperatures. Fluorescent lamps can produce one level of color whilst a ray lamp will produce another. Using different types of lights can help produce the atmosphere in a reality show. It can also help the faces of the actors be seen, when outside or darkened room scenes are being filmed. It is essential that the light is created strong enough to allow people’s faces to be seen, even if the rest of the room must be maintained in a level of darkness or brightness that correctly depicts the time of day or night the scene is being filmed.

Often the movement on the set in a reality show is quick, with little time between each scene to adjust brightness. Hand held lighting on the camera can provide immediate and quick lighting whilst the lighting technicians create a more natural looking light. A major problem however for crews and directors in this situation is to ensure that the background setting remains consistent in scenes shot during the same time frame on the show.

Television requires pre production preparation. However often on reality television there is little chance of this occurring due to the nature of the shows, therefore the light technician must be ahead of the production in his or her thinking and planning for anticipated events.

For example, if the show is being filmed at a special event and it is known that the cast intend to turn on their special lights, the technicians will provide adequate lighting behind the tree to produce the glow that must be seen on television. Communication and team work is the key to excellent brightness quality on reality television shows.

Sound tips for quality sounding reality shows
All television programs being recorded for on air transmission, whether live or recorded, depend on high sound quality. Whilst indoor recorded shows may rely on superior quality sound, the audio quality on reality programs, due to the nature of the programs, may be distorted or of lesser quality. However, it is essential that special attention is paid to ensuring the quality is as clear as possible. Dialogue on reality shows are often the key to a shows ratings and popularity. In this article there are some useful sound tips for quality sounding reality shows.

There are strategies that audio technicians use to improve sound pick up: Ensure Plenty of Microphones are located in invisible locations on or near the shows participants. Reality programs have many microphones located around the participants in inconspicuous locations. This often means having sets that will provide adequate hiding places for the microphones. These microphones must be able to all feed into a board together; with audio that cameras focus on and participants which are picked up.

Each of the microphones should be running on their own frequency to enable them to be picked up by the receiving mix board. This enables less interference from other frequencies as would happen if the microphones were transmitting on their own frequencies.

Audio technicians must ensure that the positioning of the microphones is such that when action is happening on the set, the microphones cannot move. They should be tested for battery power and the technicians need to ensure that the microphones are all working satisfactorily.

Location of the reality show will increase the difficulty and challenge of setting up the microphones. Outside settings for example may mean that there are limited places to put cameras to enable the shows participants to be positioned near a microphone. This will require the microphone to be placed in clothing or otherwise disguised on the person’s body.

It is important to make sure that whatever is hiding the microphones or wherever the microphones are hidden, there is not a natural shield preventing the radio microphones transmitting the recording to the mixer board. Likewise, it is important to ensure the microphones are not located near any fabric that will create friction or rustling sounds.

1. Boom microphones are ideal in small areas and can be mixed with radio frequency microphones: Boom microphones provide better audio than radio microphones. In small and more confined areas, the conventional boom microphones may be a better option as the main pick up of recordings in the show. Many sound technicians wherever possible will use a combination of boom microphones and radio microphones to produce best top audio recording in a confined space.

2. Team Effort is a Necessity to Produce Best Quality recording: Placement of all technology must be discussed well ahead of performance as there can be no alterations during the filming of a live recording as can occur in prerecorded television. Working on a reality television program, like all television and film is by necessity, a team effort with camera crew, audio technicians, directors and actors working together to create the finished product.